Hanging Your Sukkah Mural

 Hanging your Sukkah Mural is easy! Follow these simple steps.

1. Unroll or Unfold you brand new Sukkah Mural from Sukkahposters.com
2. Secure the top corners of your Mural to the supporting beams using a zip tie, hook or screw/nail. 
3. After the top corners are secure, pull the mural tight from the sides and bottom and secure if possible. (Make sure to leave a drop of wiggle room as to not put too much stress on the vinyl in case of large winds.) 
5. Secure all grommets as to not put extra stress on the other points of the mural. 

4. Sit back,enjoy your beautiful Sukkah and have a great Chag!


    Storing Your Sukkah Mural

    Store your Sukkah Mural properly to ensure long lasting use year after year!

    1. Before taking down your Sukkah Mural, clean the surface with any basic cleaning spray and towel to rid of dust and dirt that may have settled on the Mural during its time outdoors. 
    2. Once its wiped down, remove the Mural from the wall and lay it on its back on the floor.
    3.Depending on the size, you can roll it up or fold it and place in the original tube or box packaging. 
    4.Store in a safe spot to enjoy the next year in Yerushalayim! 


      For any questions please email us at Sukkahposters@gmail.com